as above so below

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willlutz4familyrestored“as above, so below” however you tilt it, a rhombus is about balance and equilibrium. we are one whole with both dark and light. this was made for a benefit auction forΒ Β the family restoredΒ 

check out their good work!


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tiffshoquist.925 silver guillotine pendant


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sterling silver pisces necklace, inspired by the ancient egyptian style waterlily


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IMG_20180215_151226_352ocean jasper in sterling silver


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Practice - Postcard Front - v1

PRACTICE: an assertion of sympathetic magic

a community art exhibit on view at the Distillery Gallery, South Boston

for more information click here

sunset id bracelet

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sunsetidbraceletoxidized .925 silver bracelet

ms hal

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mshaljshawsterling silver pendant with a rose quartz that’s leaning to the beige side

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