terminal mike and julia

custom wedding bands for good friends of mine. 14k yellow gold, quartz chips, and a princess cut herkimer diamond


sun and moon sigils support this hexagonal moonstone .925 signet ring for ms. coco-a-gogo of massachusetts! a great project

creative trade perks

i did a trade with the creator and artist behind the japanese clothing brand L.A.R.V.A. this is my end of it. a customized crass signet ring with ‘my anarchism’ on the band, and my own idea to turn his brand logo into a sterling strap style ring. 乾杯!

barbed wire hoops

dark in light

quartz and silver

a new rose



“as above, so below” however you tilt it, a rhombus is about balance and equilibrium. we are one whole with both dark and light. this was made for a benefit auction for  the family restored  check out their good work!


.925 silver guillotine pendant


sterling silver pisces necklace, inspired by the ancient egyptian style waterlily


ocean jasper in sterling silver


PRACTICE: an assertion of sympathetic magic a community art exhibit on view at the Distillery Gallery, South Boston for more information click here

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