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“as above, so below” however you tilt it, a rhombus is about balance and equilibrium. we are one whole with both dark and light. this was made for a benefit auction for  the family restored  check out their good work!


.925 silver guillotine pendant


PRACTICE: an assertion of sympathetic magic a community art exhibit on view at the Distillery Gallery, South Boston for more information click here

aint no feeble bastard

.925 curb chain and custom name plate affixed with signature barbed wire pieces


Hi Everyone, I have relocated to Los Angeles, CA for the time being if you were wondering about the gap in time between posts! I’m still working on commissions from all over the world, so if you are interested please email me at c.ndace(a) your metalsmith, candace

Toshio Saeki Money Clip

.925 silver money clip engraved with the work of Toshio Saeki. not for reproduction. photographed by w. lutz


I’ll be showing 3 bodies of work in this group art show celebrating the vernal equinox. looking forward to celebrating as this is slotted to be my last show as a boston resident. 

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