Tag: necklace


.925 silver guillotine pendant


sterling silver pisces necklace, inspired by the ancient egyptian style waterlily


ocean jasper in sterling silver

i’m part of a race…

pyramid back pendant, black onxy stone, .925 silver, oxidized and textured, all elements hand crafted and formed. crass rises here again, this time with one of my favorite song lyrics represented.

hummmingbird necklace

a delicate hummingbird necklace.  .925 silver

gold and leather

low hanging necklace of 14k yellow goldfill chain, black leather cord, and the carved centerpiece provided by client

antler necklace

if my client says she has slain a horned god with the fire in her eye and a blade in her teeth, then it’s my job to create a setting that is suitable.  .925 silver and copper,

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