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“as above, so below” however you tilt it, a rhombus is about balance and equilibrium. we are one whole with both dark and light. this was made for a benefit auction for  the family restored  check out their good work!


.925 oxidized silver ring and iridescent white moonstone

perfect palladium

well balanced and simple. high polished palladium women’s wedding band.

another cheap product

.925 silver each ring is still coming off my workbench and straight to you!!! for ordering/more information please visit ignorerocknrollheroes THANK YOU for supporting handmade jewelry and supporting punk networks!


a men’s ring commission in copper and .925 silver i’ll be doing free commission consulting as well as have new jewelry available so bring your curiosity and ideas on sunday dec 22nd to the boston punk flea market! 12-5pm at 45 mount auburn street, cambridge.

gold rings

14k yellow gold wedding bands: hand carved into half round comfort fit styles and as always 100% recycled gold.


14k gold chain, .925 silver bands

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